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MEDZ and his matriz the public bank CDG are main agents in the industrial development of the country. In Fact, MEDZ is one of the Government´s preferred partners when implementing strategic plan “Industrial Emergency” “Plan Verde” of agricultural and agrifoodstuffs developments “Plan Azur”, as well as tourism development.

MEDZ contribute its Know-how and institucional experience as well as the industrial and technological parks development in the country.

The Edonia Group/CTP has an extensive experience of more than 25 years developing and bulding industrial parks and turnkey projects, amongst others. Over the last years is proven by the development of more than 5 million square meters of industrial land, and it has developed all kind of industrial and logistic plants, for clients like: Mercadona, DIA, DHL, Grupo Vocento, Agromediterranea, etc.

The Edonia World group specialises in designing and building all kind off industrial projects in accordance with European quality standars.


The construction of the turnkey projects guarantees an optimum result of its plant. The companies interested in settinp up their business in AFZ do not need to worry about anything. AFZ offers to build its facilities by means of turnkey project.

Using this formula, we are in charge of everything. We build each industrial plot according to the client´s specific needs, with all the technical specifications and with the qualities memory that the client has specified.

We are not only in charge of the construction of your project. We design the basic project and the work execution, we also realize the integral process and the payment of the work´s licence; we built and deliver the project totally finished and ready to start producing.


AFZ is the first fruit of Morocco´s aforementioned Nacional Industrial Emergency Plan approved by the Minister of the Interior, Minister for Economy and Industry, the Chairman of CDG´s Board of Directors and the Managing Director of Edonia World, to develop, build, market and manage what is known as Kenitra´s Integrated Industrial Platform. The document was signed in the presence of King Mohammed the Sixt at the Royal Palace in Fez in February 2009.

Thanks to the support of the Government AFZ enjoys the status of Tax-Free Zone, as well as of a single point of contact for its relations with the administration, of the training center and qualification etc.

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