AFZ - Investment Incentives

Besides the free zone tax and customs incentives, in the case of certain business sectors (automotive, textile, etc….) The Moroccan State, through the Hassan II Fund, could pay for some of the expenses required for undertaking an investment project. Amongst them we could highlight the possibility to benefit from the following subsidies:

• Incentive up to 600 dirhams (54 €) of the facilities (industrial buildings) sales price.
• Incentive up to 10% for purchasing new equipment.


These two incentives are compatible with each other. The total amount of the subsidy for one project cannot exceed 10% neither totals of the investment nor the sum of 20 million DH (1.77 million euros).

In order to be able to request these subsidies the total investment must exceed 5 million DH (443,000 €), provided the investment in equipment is more than 2.5 million DH (221,500 €).

In the other hand, important incentives exist for personnel training, particulary in the automotive sector. Several consultancy firms, both internacional and Moroccan, can provide advisory services in the subsidy application procedures.

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