AFZ - Political Stability

 AFZ will have a Specialised Center for Training Skills to support the companies interested in setting up.

A parliamentary monarchy where a new generation of political leaders works to improve the country´s economy and social conditions.

With a continuous growth rate since 2001 and a population of more than 30 million, Morocco is a country heading towards development, and a clear example of this is the signing of Free Trade Agreements with the US and Europe, through which is becoming an export platform to the United States, the Northern Africa countries and the European Union, under very favourable conditions. 

Bisides the latter, we must highlight the agreements with Turnkey and the Agadir Agreement (with Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan), with Morocco turns into a fundamental support for the trade with the Arabic countries.
Morocco is currently developing stategic plans in the three different fields:


On one hand, an important investment programme is being implemented (more than ten billion euros in ten years) in infrastructures (transport, energy, supplies….) strategic projects (new cities, Tangier-Med Port…) and the development of subsidised housing.


On the other hand, seven strategic sectors for the economic development of the country have been identified, and a political development strategy has been designed for each one (automotive, agro-industry, textile, electronics, aeronautics, sea products and offshoring). The “National Pact for Industrial Emergence”supported by the public and private sector, from which ATLANTIC originates.


Thirdly, an ambitious human development programme is being applied with important investments and subsidies for education and training.

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