Thursday, 23 September, 2010

The North African country implements professional formation centres in Kenitra and Tangier, with the aim of enhancing the national car industry.

Moroccohas received a loan from the French Agency for development amounting to 20 million euros to finance the creation of two training centres for the automotive sector in Kenitra and Tangiers.

This initiative is part of the strategy launched by the North African Country to improve the competitiveness of the domestic automotive sector and promote its development from the human resources training and workforce.

The agreement was signed on the last 20th of September in Rabat by the general secretary of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Abdellatif Loudyi, and the CEO of the AFD, Dov Zerah. The event was attended by Moroccan Minister of Employment and Professional training, Jamal Rhmani; the head of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and new technologies, Ahmed Reda Chami; and the French Ambassador in Morocco, Bruno Joubert.

SOURCE: Journal of Industry and Technology ICEX. September 30, 2010.(,6558,5518394_5519005_6366453_4402804_282,00.html)

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